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Washed Sand and Builders Mix

Washed sand is used for plastering and bricklaying mortar, ready mix concrete, bedding for concrete pipes in drainage work and blinding for commercial and domestic building or house foundations.

Dune Sand

Children’s Sand Pit, Mixing with 3mm Washed Sand for plastering and bricklaying

Dune Sand is a beach sand and is not processed or washed. It is used in road construction sub-base, mixing with course wahsed concrete or plastering sand for concrete or plastering and commonly children’s playground sand pits.

3mm Washed Sand

Plastering, Bricklaying

3mm Washed Sand is washed when processed through the screening of washed stone. It is used by bricklayers and plasterers because it is finer than concrete sand.

5mm Washed Sand

Concrete Sand, Bedding concrete pipes, Sand blinding for foundations

5mm Washed Sand is also washed when screening washed stone. It is the sand used in concrete production in the ready mix and pre-mix concrete industries.

Builders Mix

Pre Mixed Concrete Mix, just add water and cement

Builders Mix is also commonly known as Concrete mix and is a pre-mixed washed stone aggregate and sand blend ready to have the cement and water added. It is used by all construction businesses for large projects or small DIY jobs.

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