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Quality runs through the entire Quarry, from every loader to each person.

Phil Gordon

We care for our surrondings

Longburn Shingle has several groups of pheasant families that habitat in and around the business. They are regularly seen inspecting the day to day activities and there is one curious male that is a well known visitor to our adjacent grazed land. He takes particular interest in the processing of metals and is a regular talking point of many drivers that visit the plant.

We have a no shooting policy on the land around the plant recognising and respecting the wish that Bill Ware introduced to provide these spectacular birds a haven and it has been a longstanding contribution to the local wildlife that the owners, employees and visiting contractors and truck drivers continue. Regular pest management is undertake to reduce the predators of these birds. They are a fascinating contributor to the day to day activities in and around Longburn Shingle.

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